7 reasons to fall in love with Charleston, South Carolina

A visit to Charleston, South Carolina, famous for Its gorgeous scenery, delicious food, rich history and beautiful people, will make you want to stay in this enchanted city forever. We took a road trip from New Jersey on a perfect January weekend and fell in love with this city. Below I share seven reasons why Charleston will leave you mesmerized too!

1. Affordable
As grand as Charleston appears, it’s actually very affordable. We experienced the magic of the local living by staying at an Airbnb instead of a hotel, which was reasonably priced and located only 15 minutes away from the center of town. For shopping we made sure to visit the Charleston City Market where we found unique and inexpensive stands. Also, King Street offers a diverse set of stores of all price ranges.

2. Picture-perfect
From the remarkable cobblestones streets, colorful houses, majestic oak trees and fascinating plantations, you will not run out of places to take beautiful pictures in Charleston. I loved the beauty of Boone Hall Plantation and downtown Charleston for photographs..                                                  

3. Historically rich
Charleston historic preservation adds charm and appeal to this exuberant city. Visiting some of the plantations and looking at the mansions around The Battery will transport you back to hundreds of year of American history.

4. Flavorful restaurants & bars
In Charleston dinning out and drinking is a form of networking and nightly entertainment. From brunch to upscale dining, to bars you could always find a lively scene that suits your mood. There are many highly rated restaurants and bars to choose from, some even with rooftop space. Also, they make a phenomenal Moscow mule cocktails!

5. Gorgeous weather
If you live in the northeast Charleston’s weather is perfect to escape the gloomy winter. With temperatures reaching the 70°F, great for walking, exploring and relaxing.

 6. Pet Friendly
If you have a furry companion, there is no need to leave him at home! Charleston is very pet friendly. Many restaurants welcome pets and there’re  a lot of outdoors activities you can enjoy. Take your pup around The Battery for a perfect southern stroll.

 7. “The Notebook”
If you LOVE the Nicholas Sparks’ movie “The Notebook” then you can relive all the enchanting moments in beautiful Charleston, since the movie was filmed there!                                                    

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