How to Save Money While Traveling

Traveling should be about the adventures, the moments that take your breath away and experiences that turn into great stories. Traveling should not be about the unnecessary expenses. Here are nine ways to enjoy your next trip without breaking the bank:

1. Rent a place instead of staying at a hotel
I personally almost always rent apartments through Airbnb or HomeAway when traveling. Not only is it cheaper, but it allows you to experience the locals’ way of living, their culture, and contribute to the homegrown economy.

2. Travel with friends
Traveling with friends would not only make your experiences more memorable, but it will also lower your overall bill. Sharing a place to stay, transportation, and food expenses, are some of the ways that traveling with friends could be money friendly. Next time you plan a trip hit up your best buddies and dive into your next adventure.

3. Travel light
With airlines now charging even for your carry-on, you should definitely aim to travel lighter. You don’t need 10 pairs of jeans and 100 different shirts, try to pack only the necessary. You could for example, pack one pair plain jeans and three different tops to create three different outfits.

4. Use credit cards with no foreign transaction fees
Call your credit card’s customer service and find out which one of your cards have no foreign transaction fees, and only use those while traveling.

5. Exchange currency through the local bank at your destination
The cheapest way to exchange currency is always going to be through the local bank of your destination. If your ATM card doesn’t have foreign or ATM fees, you could also get currency through a local ATM. NEVER exchange money at the airport or exchange houses at touristic places. Their commissions and fees are always the highest.

6. Research off times to book excursions
Try to book your excursions before or after the big tour companies. For example, when we went to Cape Town we booked Table Mountain (the biggest touristic attraction in Cape Town) for the Sunset Special after all the big tour buses were gone and it was cheaper and not crowded.

7. Don’t eat at touristic areas
Chances are the food at the more touristic places is not authentic anyways. Try walking a few blocks out in any direction and find a local place which could be cheaper and better quality.

8. Don’t eat out for every meal
If you followed my first tip and rented a place, you probably have a kitchen. Go to the local supermarket and pickup coffee, water, snacks and groceries for easy recipes. Locals don’t eat out for every meal and neither should you! Trust me it adds up.

9. Try fine dining for lunch
I’m a big fan of fine dining. However, it could become a huge travel expense quickly. I found that going to fine dining restaurants during lunch is a lot more affordable and you still get the same great food.

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