My Top Five Beaches

Have you ever visited a place and thought to yourself “This is what Heaven must look like”?
That’s exactly how I feel when visiting some of the most beautiful beaches around the world.
I was born in the Caribbean, so the sea and palm trees are just part of my DNA. There is something about the ocean that calms my restless heart and nourishes my soul.

All beaches might be the same for the vast majority. But to me, every beach has its own unique magic and beauty. 

The below is a list of “My Top 5 Beaches”.

This list is debatable and based off of the countries I have visited. I have not visited Bora Bora or Maldives, just yet ;).
Enjoy and happy almost Summer!

#5 Dickenson Bay Beach, Antigua
Although Dickenson Bay is not the most secluded beach in Antigua, its white sand and tranquil sea will conquer your heart. If you make your way to this wonderful bay, I highly recommend renting a jet ski and venturing off to a small secluded beach on the other side of the bay (for all my adrenaline travelers).

#4 Varadero Beach, Cuba
Varadero is a magical tropical swimming pool. With infinite miles of shallow turquoise water, fine white sand beach, and beautifully tall palm trees, this beach makes for an off-the-grid dream getaway.

#3 Lanikai Beach, Oahu Hawaii
When heading over to Hawaii’s beaches you tend to think of “North Shore” waves and surfing beaches. But, Lanikai, which means “heavenly sea” is the complete opposite. This serene piece of paradise is considered one of the best beaches in the world, and I can see why. The warm turquoise aqua waters against the powdery sand beach and stunning views of the world famous Mokulua Islands, are a dream come to life. 

#2 Hawksnest Beach, St. John, USVI
This secluded little treasure is one of St. John’s best kept secret. The soft sand beach, dramatic shoreline and abundance of shade under the sea grapes that mark the water, make for the perfect private island getaway. Since not a lot of people know this beach, and most make their way to the famous Trunk Bay instead, you might luck out and have the whole beach to yourself!

#1 Pillory Beach, Grand Turk
This Caribbean gem is the definition of untouched nature. With only one small boutique hotel on the premises (Bohio Dive Resort), this beautiful piece of paradise makes a calm and relaxing getaway. The sunset at Pillory beach is one to definitely add to your bucket list. Also, the snorkeling and scuba diving is out of this world. Top scuba divers from around the globe make their way to Pillory every year; to explore the magnificent underwater grounds and one of the largest reefs in this world known as ‘The Wall’.

To be continued… as I keep exploring this beautiful world.

Thanks for reading!



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