Die with Memories, Not Dreams- Why You Should Enjoy Life NOW

Hola World!

Today I met someone that was getting a quote tattooed. She said, “I love to travel and that’s my dream, so I’m tattooing a quote that reminds me to live my dreams.” The quote read “Die with memories, not dreams”. This really hit home for me. Although I would probably never have the courage to get a tattoo, I will also try live by this quote.

The sad reality is that many people never reach their full potential and their dreams. They end up leaving this world full of hopes and unfulfilled goals.

I want to live my dream now and every day for the rest of my life. I have decided to not put my dreams off for a “later” that might never happen. I want to create a life of enjoyment now and not in 40 years.

It might be the millennial in me, but being successful is as much about time and mobility as it is about money. I, personally, do not want to work endlessly to live like a millionaire later. I want to work efficiently and be able to enjoy life now.

The older I get, the more I realize how valuable time is. So if you are reading this, I challenge you to live the life of your dreams. Start by sketching YOUR dream life. Believe it and work obesely until it becomes your reality and you no longer have to dream about it.

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