TIME: the Number One Thing Holding Us Back from Traveling

Being a “World Traveler” begins when we start looking at maps with an immense desire to discover.

So many people believe that they need to be rich to travel and discover new places around the world. The truth is, we can travel the world for cheaper than we think. The US Dollar holds a greater value than most countries’ currency, allowing us to see the world at a discount. All it takes is some time and research. In this internet age, we have so much resourceful information available at our fingertips. Maybe if we can stop scrolling through Facebook and Instagram for a minute, and take a look at AirBnb, our credit card miles deal or any articles advising how to travel on a budget, we would quickly realize the all the tricks and tips at our disposal.

The number one thing holding us back from traveling, in my opinion, is TIME. We live in a society where time is our most expensive commodity. But yet, we sell our time so cheap to others. We work our lives away and spend energy with people that diminish it. By the time we realized how wastefully we have spent our lives, it’s usually too late. Running out of time is what leaves so many people wanting to travel the world and complete their “bucket list” at retirement or after being told of a terminal illness.

We are supposed to be the most important person in our lives, then why do we leave our dreams and passions for last?

If you are currently not employed in your passion, your work should be treated as a mean to fund your passion.

Today I challenge you to “work to live, do not live to work.”

Pursue your dreams.

Put yourself first.

Stop spending valuable and precious time on worthless situations and people.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Danielle @ The Wanderlover September 6, 2017 at 11:04 am

    So true! There are so many ways to travel for cheap, and this past year especially learned my time is so much more valuable than money. Love this!

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