Ireland: My Fairytale Dreams Come True

As a little girl, castles, princesses and magic always excited me. When I visited Ireland those childhood dreams came to life. The castles were just as I imagined, the countryside was emerald green, picture perfect and surreal. The people were inviting, warm and somewhat curious about my complexion.
Latina in Ireland- Bunratty Castle
Amongst some of the castles I visited, the Blarney castle was one of my favorites. Blarney is the castle where eloquence is promised, if you kiss a limestone upside down. Another beauty was the Bunratty castle, which has been rebuilt by almost every monarch who occupied it. Bunratty is one of the few places where you can still experience a medieval feast, as well as some great baking from the village houses. And of course, The Adare Manor, where I had the pleasure to have stayed. Adare Manor is now a five-star hotel and a golf destination, but to me was both spooky and enchanting.
Adare Manor, Ireland
Even though I visited Ireland in the winter, the vegetation was still bright emerald, pure and untouched. I’ve never seen so much beautiful green in my life. It was obvious to me then why Ireland gets its nickname, “The Emerald Isle.” The nature was even more palpable throughout The Ring of Kerry, where I saw waterfalls, sheep being pastored by shepherd dogs and never ending hills of lush foliage.
Cliffs of Moher- curly hair Latina in Ireland
The people in Ireland where amongst the nicest people I’ve encountered in Europe. But, my curly hair and skin complexion made them look at me as if I was exotic. Someone literally said, “we only see people like you in movies”. At first I was offended, but then realized that I was deep in the Irish countryside and they were simply amazed. In fact, I took it as an opportunity represent my culture and educate them about it. I also left feeling hopeful that more Latinas/Latinos will soon roam the world and share our heritage. In Dublin however, people were more diverse and expose to different races, as it is a metropolitan city. I however, still prefer the purity and charm of the countryside.

Ireland to me was a childhood dream come true. A magical place that expanded my horizons and where I hope to return to one day.

Have you ever visited Ireland, what was your experience? If not, is it on your list?

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